Frequently Asked Questions

For creators, pre-sales are a great way to get early users and reward them for believing in your project. For collectors, pre-sales are a way to invest early on a project and in some cases not be out priced by bots.

The short answer is no. You can simply share the smart contract on your website or social channels for investors or collectors to directly mint your NFT.

For NFT creators: Grow your Twitter or Discord communities. E.g: Invite 3 friends to our server to get a spot on the whitelist. Build excitement and exclusivity around your project. E.g: access to exclusive perks (nº of mints possible) or rare traits NFTs. Help spread the word on your new NFT project and start a chain reaction. E.g: Likes and retweets strats make people notice your project and possibly have FOMO. Keep in mind that collectors or investors like to get in early on NFT projects, the exclusivity and in a lot of cases avoid being out priced. For NFT collectors: NFT Pre-sales or whitelists can mean avoiding gas wars or being out priced (by nasty bots). The earlier an investor gets in the better the chances for profit if the project takes off. Being part of an exclusive community and access to special perks (nº mints possible, rare traits, etc).

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